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Similar products - find electronic component parts that are similar to what you were originally searching. Focused on technical perspective - we normalized electronic part specifications from millions of datasheets and designed a model for each part type - capacitors, fixed inductors, resistors, chokes, MOSFETs, ICs, memory modules, power converters etc. On each part page we provide a detailed explanation of how we calculate our scores.
Charts - Our core research is able to compare electronic part behaviour simulations, which rely on physical lab measurements as well as s-param files shared with SourcingBot. Originally a manual process, we automated part comparison at each frequency, temperature, and current. So that you can take a Vishay capacitor, for example, and compare it with a Vishay, AVX, or Kemet capacitor.
Taking into account lab testing in different environments, we are able to adjust results to be comparable so that sourcing and procurement engineers can make real design decisions using our data. No more manual datasheet comparisons between Wurth and Coilcraft parts, instead automated, quick, and easy.
UltraLibrarian Link - UltraLibrarian (fully owned subsidiary of EMA Design Automation, Inc.) provides us with component symbols for download to assist you with your CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, as well as physical device footprints for your PCB design, and a 3D model for download.
PCN - Product Change Notification, is a document issued by a manufacturer to inform customers about a change to a produced product or its manufacturing process. PCN files might be downloaded at the cost of 20 EUR each, you will be invoiced at the end of the month, an invoice will contain information about number of downloaded files and the sum to be paid.
All our parts have accessible datasheet free to download from top electronic components distributors (ie. Avnet, Arrow, Mouser, Digikey, Farnell etc.) API providers. For most parts we are generating a detailed description that provides further information and aggregates the provided description from the actual part manufacturer (Vishay, TDK, Kemet, Murata i.e.) into a more readable, context influenced description. SourcingBot is working on providing product discontinuation and change notifications (PCN, PDN) for all products so that you get all design relevant information at once.
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