RF Transceiver Modules D52MD2M8IA-REEL Garmin

    RF/IF and RFID RF Transceiver Modules D52MD2M8IA-REEL
    D52M SOC MODULE, 9.8X14.0X2.0MM,
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    D52MD2M8IA-REEL Specification table

    For many RF Transceiver Modules products we also show measured lab data. D52MD2M8IA-REEL can be compared vs.datasheet specifications and shows also the deviation at given operating points.

    Manufacturer datasheet Measurement condition Measured value Measurement condition Deviation in %
    Data Rate60kbps----
    Power Output4dBm----
    Memory Size512kB Flash, 64kB RAM----
    Voltage Supply1.7 V ~ 3.6 V----
    Rf FamilystandardGeneral ISM > 1GHZ----
    Serial InterfacesI²C, SPI, UART----
    Antenna TypeIntegrated, Trace----
    Utilized Ic PartnRF52832----
    Mounting TypeSurface Mount----
    Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C----

    D52MD2M8IA-REEL Charts

    The following D52MD2M8IA-REEL charts from the product segment RF Transceiver Modules are based on lab measurements. They show operating points are various parameter/conditions.

    D52MD2M8IA-REEL pricing, samples and distributor stock

    VerifySourceSKUStockMOQLead timeLifecyclePackagingPurchase110100100010000
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    D52MD2M8IA-REEL datasheets

    distributorPin2PinANT S212 nrf52 based M8 ModulData is not available

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