Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors UVK1H471MPD (UVK) AVX

    Passive Components Capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors UVK1H471MPD
    UVK1H471MPD is a 470µF, 50V capacitor from AVX. It features a tolerance of 20%. The physical dimension(s) are: 10.0mm (length). It comes in a Through Hole package.
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    UVK1H471MPD Specification table

    For many Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors products we also show measured lab data. UVK1H471MPD can be compared vs.datasheet specifications and shows also the deviation at given operating points.

    Manufacturer datasheet Measurement condition Measured value Measurement condition Deviation in %
    Capacitance Range Min470 µF----
    Operating Supply Voltage Min50 V----
    Voltage Rating Dc50 V----
    Tolerance Percent20 %----
    Ripple Current760 mA----
    Ripple Current @ Low Frequency Current760 mA----
    Ripple Current @ Low Frequency Frequency120 Hz----
    Ripple Current @ High Frequency Current1.14 A----
    Ripple Current @ High Frequency Frequency10 kHz----
    Diameter10 mm----
    Length10 mm----
    Height22 mm----
    Lead Spacing5 mm----
    Termination StyleThrough Hole----
    TechnologyGeneral Purpose----
    Operating Temp Max85 degC----
    Operating Temp Min-40 degC----
    Lifetime @ Temp Lifetime83.333 day----
    Lifetime @ Temp Temp85 degC----

    UVK1H471MPD Charts

    The following UVK1H471MPD charts from the product segment Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are based on lab measurements. They show operating points are various parameter/conditions.

    UVK1H471MPD pricing, samples and distributor stock

    VerifySourceSKUStockMOQLead timeLifecyclePackagingPurchase110100100010000
    Chip1Stopflag of distributor
    C1S5281005714722967Cut TapeBuy nowUSD-0.5030.3310.207-

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    UVK1H471MPD datasheets

    distributorChip1Stopcap aluminum lytic 470uf 50v 20% (10 x 20mm) radial 5mm 760ma 2000h 85c bulkData is not available

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