The latest News from Sourcingbot on parametric search, passive components and real life lab measurements.

  • February 2020:

    Published a new article about Rolling out in context search

    February 2020:

    We implemented a major update for the webpage, with several improvements, new modules, partner and bug-fixes.

    • Launched the new similar product search module (replacement search) for several passive component categories:

      • Inductors
      • Capacitors
      • Antennas
      • Resistors
      • Frequency Controlled Timing devices.

    Filters for the similar product search are now tighter for better matches and cover the electrical as well as the mechanical function. Matching results can be filtered by manufacturer. If too few product matches show up, we added a button/function to run a new - less strict search function for custom search.

    Example: For a standard capacitor we find 50+ matches from 4 alternative manufactures with same electrical +mechanical matching, in different grades: /Passive%20Components/Capacitors/Ceramic%20Capacitors/murata/GA242QR7E2471MW01L


    • For the similar search function, we overhauled the matching accuracy calculation. Values are now more precise and similar/replacement products are sorted, starting with highest percent matching (100%) to lower.

    • For the parametric search in categories Inductors and Capacitors we updated the filter functions, removed bugs and improved the overall usability.

    • We are glad to announce our new We added efind pricing and stocking information to all applicable products to make it easier and more convenient for our Russian user and clients.


    • For our search bar we implemented "in context search". In addition to standard part number/product search, you can now also search by categories, features, product keywords, units and so on.

    • A new overview page of our Services is available, please take a look:

  • January 2020:

    Meet Sourcingbot at the Embedded World Show in Nuremberg, Germany. We are available for meetings, questions and discussions on Tuesday + Wednesday 25.-26.2.2020.Please contact us under for details and bookings.

  • December 2019:

    Published a new article about Panasonic capacitors and the measured data analysis.

  • November 2019:

    The new web-banner advertisement modul ist live. We accept now banners in standard dimensions. For a full overview on positions, rates and more please visit our advertisement overview

    Our Feedback function is updated and live. Please send us a message on your opinion, feedback, bugs or new ideas/functions.


    The next parametric search modules go live for several product categories within passive components. Active now for the following categories:


    The remaining categories will feature those modules as well, will be added step by step within the next few months.

  • October 2019:

    Our new Sourcingbot homepage goes live. More content, more functions and more to come.

  • September 2019:

    The first parametric search goes live for over 100k inductors and 1M+ capacitors. Please take a look, test and use. Feedback is appreciated.

    Sourcingbot is acquiring

    With the acquisition and following partnering with it’s founder Alexander Friebe we are strengthening our parametric search capabilities within the Power Management domain and Semiconductors. Mr. Friebe is joining our team and he will accompany the integration process as well as driving the parametric search engine.

  • August 2019:

    We updated all charts with matching test conditions and descriptions. Also several bugs within some charts/categories are fixed. X- and Y- axes scale now much better. Example:

  • July 2019:

    We added for all inductors 4 charts, showing the most typical ratios like L vs F, Z vs. F, T vs. I and L vs. I Example:

  • June 2019:

    Finish the first version of our matching function, showing the up to 50 most similar products. Further filtering and better matching is possible. More precise matching and filter functions will be added.

  • May 2019:

    We launched the capacitor simulation and component matching

  • March 2019:

    We launched the new Memory ICs part comparison

  • February 2019:

    We launched our first website version 1.0

  • November 2018:

    Sourcingbot launched in Electronica 2018 - part of elektor startup program

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