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yamaichi-electronics product overview

ConnectorsIC Component SocketsUnspecified (192)FFC and FPCConnectors (58)Jumper Cables (7)IO ConnectorsUnspecified (52)Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Connectors (43)Modular and Ethernet ConnectorsUnspecified (27)RF InterconnectsRF Connectors Coaxial Connectors (18)Card Edge ConnectorsAMC AMC B+ Connectors (12)Standard Card Edge Connectors (4)Automotive ConnectorsUnspecified (10)Headers Wire HousingsHousings (8)Board to Board Mezzanine ConnectorsUnspecified (6)Audio Video ConnectorsHDMI Displayport DVI Connectors (4)USB, DVI, HDMI ConnectorsUnspecified (4)Fiber Optic ConnectorsUnspecified (1)
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