Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., a Fortune 1000 Company listed on the NYSE (VSH), is one of the world's largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, and optoelectronics and selected ICs) and passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, sensors, and transducers). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Its product innovations, successful acquisition strategy, and ability to provide 'one-stop shop'​ service have made Vishay a global industry leader. Vishay has grown through acquisitions to include such top names as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag. Vishay's portfolio of brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors and passive components. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer: Vishay.

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vishay product overview

Passive ComponentsResistorsMetal Film Resistors (290003)Wirewound Resistors (70572)Thin Film Resistors (56718)Thick Film Resistors (55532)Uncategorized Resistors (39025)Metal Foil Resistors (26447)Resistor Networks & Arrays (8348)Metal Oxide Resistors (7708)Current Sense Resistors (7386)MELF Resistors (2725)Trimmer Resistors (832)Potentiometers (340)Carbon Film Resistors (222)Precision Potentiometers (117)Accessories (96)RF Resistors (55)Planar Resistors (37)Rheostats (33)Resistor Kits (10)Capacitors (481)Ceramic Capacitors (105428)Tantalum Capacitors (40375)Film Capacitors (34074)Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (25834)Mica Capacitors (3254)Capacitor Networks, Arrays (341)Aluminum Polymer Capacitors (250)Tantalum Polymer Capacitors (226)Supercapacitors, Ultracapacitors (178)Accessories (125)Trimmers, Variable Capacitors (70)Silicon Capacitors (62)Capacitor Kits (34)Capacitor Hardware (8)Feed Through Capacitors (3)Inductors Chokes CoilsFixed Inductors (10422)Adjustable Inductors (89)Wireless Charging Coils (51)Common Mode Chokes Filters (29)Arrays, Signal Transformers (8)Thermistors NTC (1564)Thermistors PTC (598)Potentiometers Trimmers Rheostats (571)Varistors (439)Frequency Control Timing Devices (9)Crystals (98)Oscillators (37)EMI Filters / EMI SuppressionFerrites (92)EMI Filter Circuits (17)Antennas (8)RF Antennas (12)RFID Antennas (6)Encoders (1)SemiconductorsDiscrete SemiconductorsDiodes Rectifiers (48359)Transistors (6864)Thyristors (1796)Integrated Circuits ICsInterface (1097)PMIC (365)Audio Special Purpose (1)Circuit ProtectionESD Suppressors TVS Diodes (1386)Diodes Rectifiers (3646)Fuses (115)Resettable Fuses PPTC (94)Thermal Cutoffs (2)Thermistors (1)IsolatorsOptoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output (1451)Optoisolators - Triac, SCR Output (234)Optoisolators - Logic Output (76)Isolators - Gate Drivers (10)ConnectorsBackplane ConnectorsSpecialized (761)Rack Panel Connectors (50)Card Edge ConnectorsStandard Card Edge Connectors (540)IC Component SocketsUnspecified (19)OptoelectronicsLED Indication (750)Displays (316)Infrared Data Communications (169)LED Lighting (58)SensorsOptical Sensors (1004)Temperature Sensors (49)Motion Position Sensors (26)Environmental Sensors (2)Sensors, TransducersStrain Gauges (421)IrDA Transceiver Modules (41)Accessories (28)Amplifiers (4)Float, Level Sensors (1)Specialized Sensors (1)ElectromechanicalRelays (118)Knobs Dials (12)Motors Drives (2)Audio Devices (1)Hardware (1)Switches (1)FiltersFeed Through Capacitors (70)Common Mode Chokes (2)Test MeasurementAttenuators Interconnects (32)Test Equipment Accessories (29)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (26)Evaluation Boards - DC/DC & AC/DC (Off-Line) SMPS (17)Evaluation Boards - Sensors (14)Accessories (2)Evaluation Boards - LED Drivers (1)Test and MeasurementEquipment - Specialty (57)KitsCapacitor Kits (38)Resistor Kits (12)Thermistor Kits (1)Wire CableMulti Conductor Paired Cables (27)Hook up Wire (9)Coaxial Cables (2)Wire Protection Management (1)PowerBatteries (20)Transformers (10)RF/IF and RFIDRF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards (7)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (6)Soldering, Desoldering, Rework ProductsSolder (5)Tapes, Adhesives, MaterialsGlue, Adhesives, Applicators (2)Tape Dispensers (2)Tape (1)OtherMiscellaneous (4)EnclosuresEnclosures Boxes Cases (1)Static Control, ESD, Clean Room ProductsClean Room Swabs and Brushes (1)Thermal ManagementHeat Sinks (1)
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