tt-electronics product overview

Passive ComponentsResistorsThick Film Resistors (33937)Thin Film Resistors (28056)Wirewound Resistors (1786)Trimmer Resistors (1732)Metal Film Resistors (1595)Current Sense Resistors (1366)Potentiometers (891)MELF Resistors (881)Resistor Networks & Arrays (756)Carbon Composition Resistors (272)Slide Potentiometers (214)Metal Oxide Resistors (160)Precision Potentiometers (119)Metal Foil Resistors (104)Carbon Film Resistors (1)Inductors Chokes CoilsFixed Inductors (1923)Arrays, Signal Transformers (72)Common Mode Chokes Filters (19)Potentiometers Trimmers Rheostats (447)Encoders (99)SensorsOptical Sensors (1493)Motion Position Sensors (444)Magnetic Sensors (54)OptoelectronicsInfrared Data Communications (206)LED Lighting (167)LED Indication (94)Fiber Optics (83)Lasers (35)IsolatorsOptoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output (226)Optoisolators - Logic Output (19)FiltersCommon Mode Chokes (95)PowerTransformers (74)ConnectorsCircular ConnectorsAdapters (15)Circular MIL Spec Connectors (9)Accessories (2)Contacts (1)Standard Circular Connectors (1)MIL Spec / MIL TypeCircular MIL Spec Connectors (13)MIL Spec Adapters (6)MIL Spec Contacts (1)ElectromechanicalRelays (20)Switches (14)Knobs Dials (8)SemiconductorsDiscrete SemiconductorsTransistors (31)Diodes Rectifiers (10)Sensors, TransducersAccessories (4)Specialized Sensors (3)Color Sensors (1)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation Boards - Sensors (3)Accessories (2)Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (2)OtherMiscellaneous (3)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (1)KitsSensor Kits (1)
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