tt electronics product overview

Passive ComponentsResistors (282)SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors (41507)Film Resistors (20418)Variable Resistors (2905)Through Hole Resistors (2496)Current Sense Resistors (1177)Wirewound Resistors (1148)MELF Resistors (888)Resistor Networks, Arrays (607)Metal Oxide Resistors (152)Resistor Networks & Arrays (149)Carbon Composition Resistors (103)Metal Foil Resistors (50)Chassis Mount Resistors (15)Specialized Resistors (3)Inductors Chokes Coils (666)Fixed Inductors (1280)Coupled Inductors (64)Common Mode Chokes / Filters (19)Arrays, Signal Transformers (7)Potentiometers Trimmers Rheostats (447)Encoders (99)SensorsOptical Sensors (1493)Motion Position Sensors (444)Magnetic Sensors (54)OptoelectronicsInfrared Data Communications (206)LED Lighting (167)LED Indication (94)Fiber Optics (83)Lasers (35)IsolatorsOptoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output (226)Optoisolators - Logic Output (19)FiltersCommon Mode Chokes (95)PowerTransformers (74)ConnectorsCircular ConnectorsAdapters (15)Circular MIL Spec Connectors (9)Accessories (2)Contacts (1)Standard Circular Connectors (1)MIL Spec / MIL TypeCircular MIL Spec Connectors (13)MIL Spec Adapters (6)MIL Spec Contacts (1)SemiconductorsDiscrete Semiconductors (43)ElectromechanicalRelays (20)Switches (14)Knobs Dials (8)Sensors, TransducersAccessories (4)Specialized Sensors (3)Color Sensors (1)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation Boards - Sensors (3)Accessories (2)Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (2)OtherMiscellaneous (3)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (1)KitsSensor Kits (1)
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