Headquartered in Oregon, we provide passive electronic components to manufacturers and entrepreneurial engineering firms throughout the world. We are also a custom cable manufacturer with a passion for problem-solving. All of our cables, wire, and connectors are meticulously built to function perfectly with your application, whether they are combined into a molded cable assembly or used as individual parts. If your application requires a specific part, we will partner with you to design, implement, and deliver the custom cable assemblies and components you need. Our team of engineers are experts in the details of electronic components from start to finish. With easily downloadable 3D models, clean PDF specs, and a how-to video library that is always growing, we are the cable assembly manufacturer that will support you in any stage of the design process. Tensility supplies cable assemblies, connectors, wire, and ac power cords to electronics manufacturers and entrepreneurial engineering firms throughout the world. We design standard components for a variety of industries, including wearables, LED lighting, film-making, electronics, and automation. Our standard components can easily be customized to fit any application, supported by low-cost tooling and prototyping.

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tensility-international product overview

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