omron product overview

ElectromechanicalSwitches (20298)Industrial Automation (18758)Relays (8126)Motors Drives (1749)Audio Devices (15)Circuit Breakers (14)SensorsOptical Sensors (6328)Proximity Sensors (2478)Temperature Sensors (409)Magnetic Sensors (264)Pressure Sensors (63)Flow Sensors (42)Environmental Sensors (15)Motion Position Sensors (14)Capacitive Touch Sensors (5)Sensor Hardware Accessories (1)Sensors, TransducersAccessories (1749)Amplifiers (315)Specialized Sensors (141)Sensor Interface - Junction Blocks (99)Color Sensors (27)Image Sensors, Camera (3)Multifunction (3)Shock Sensors (1)ConnectorsFFC and FPCConnectors (421)Backplane ConnectorsDIN 41612 Connectors (335)Accessories (1)Terminal BlocksAccessories (101)DIN Rail Terminal Blocks (93)Interface Modules (52)Pluggable Terminal Blocks (28)Wire to Board (22)Adapters (6)Fixed Terminal Blocks (4)Specialized (4)Power Distribution (3)Terminal Block Interface Modules (1)Rectangular ConnectorsFree Hanging Panel Mount (111)Accessories (68)Housings (30)contacts (6)Spring Loaded (3)Headers Wire HousingsHousings (148)Male Pins (49)Receptacles and Female Sockets (5)Specialized (3)Circular ConnectorsUnspecified (67)Circular Metric Connectors (56)Adapters (15)Housings (13)Contacts (8)Accessories (6)Standard Circular Connectors (1)D Sub ConnectorsUnspecified (104)Accessories (19)Standard Connectors (19)Backshells and Hoods (18)High Density Connectors (1)Unspecified Connectors (3)spring_loaded_and_pressure (137)adapters (1)Board to Board Mezzanine ConnectorsArrays and Edge Type (83)Unspecified (32)Board In, Direct Wire to Board (22)IC Component SocketsUnspecified (60)Accessories (2)USB, DVI, HDMI ConnectorsUnspecified (14)Accessories (2)Fiber Optic ConnectorsAccessories (6)Adapters (1)IO ConnectorsUnspecified (7)Modular and Ethernet ConnectorsJacks (2)Plugs (1)Heavy Duty ConnectorsCentronics (1)Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Connectors (1)Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/ModulesAccessories (1010)Wire CableCable Assemblies (584)Fiber Optic (21)Flat Cables (2)Wire Protection Management (1)Passive ComponentsEncoders (465)Antennas (1)RFID Antennas (28)RF Antennas (5)Thermistors NTC (2)Frequency Control Timing Devices (1)Inductors Chokes Coils (1)OptoelectronicsLED Emitters (132)Backlighting Components (78)Displays (47)Fiber Optics (29)LED Lighting (23)LED Indication (5)Infrared Data Communications (2)Test MeasurementPanel Meters (308)Test Equipment Accessories (2)RF/IF and RFIDRF Accessories (53)RFID Reader Modules (48)RFID Accessories (42)RFID Transponders, Tags (41)RF Receiver, Transmitter, and Transceiver Finished Units (15)Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)Accessories (95)AC DC Desktop, Wall Adapters (9)Thermal ManagementFans Blowers (57)Computers, Office - Components, AccessoriesMagnetic Strip, Smart Card Readers (41)Accessories (3)Static Control, ESD, Clean Room ProductsAccessories (24)Ionizer Equipment (11)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (25)Memory Data Storage (4)Computing (1)OtherMiscellaneous (25)PowerDC DC Converters (7)Batteries (3)Line Protection, Distribution, BackupsUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems (6)Accessories (3)SemiconductorsIntegrated Circuits ICs (5)Driver ICs (4)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation Boards - Sensors (3)Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (3)Accessories (1)Evaluation Boards - Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) (1)Circuit ProtectionCircuit Breakers Accessories (2)Fuses (2)TVS - Mixed Technology (2)EnclosuresEnclosures Boxes Cases (6)Optical Inspection EquipmentArms, Mounts, Stands (5)Accessories (1)Networking SolutionsMiscellaneous (2)Accessories (1)Sensors TransducersColor Sensors (1)
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