Following the company's motto- Quality, Service, Innovation and Responsibility, Chairman T. C. Wu has focused all resources toward the development, the manufacturing and the marketing of electrolytic capacitors since Lelon's establishment in 1976. For the past years, Lelon has had dynamic growth and has kept developing products that fulfill market demands. 'Lelon' has been a renowned global brand of electrolytic capacitors. Moreover, Lelon has become one of the major manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors in the world. Lelon Group follows a vertical integration strategy and has expanded its business to include the production of formed aluminum foils and automatic manufacturing equipment. These operations have assured Lelon a competitive position in technology, quality, cost and service. Lelon offers a diversified product line of electrolytic capacitors, which includes Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Radial Leaded, SMD, Snap-in, Screw Terminal) and Organic Conductive Polymer Capacitors. Lelon's products are extensively used in the high-end fields of automotive electronics, telecommunication, cloud computing and power electronics.

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