jae electronics product overview

ConnectorsBoard to Board Mezzanine ConnectorsArrays and Edge Type (1031)Unspecified (131)Board In, Direct Wire to Board (15)Headers Wire HousingsMale Pins (456)Housings (424)Receptacles and Female Sockets (94)Rectangular ConnectorsHousings (365)contacts (213)Accessories (127)Free Hanging Panel Mount (120)Circular ConnectorsUnspecified (315)Standard Circular Connectors (233)Housings (109)Contacts (69)Accessories (44)Backshells and Cable Clamps (36)FFC and FPCConnectors (456)Accessories (1)D Sub ConnectorsUnspecified (158)Backshells and Hoods (72)Accessories (55)Contacts (55)Housings (37)Standard Connectors (35)High Density Connectors (2)Tools and Hardware (1)Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Connectors (174)Memory Socket Connectors (16)Accessories (13)Automotive ConnectorsUnspecified (108)Unspecified Connectors (69)multi_purpose (7)accessories (2)USB, DVI, HDMI ConnectorsUnspecified (75)Accessories (1)Fiber Optic ConnectorsAdapters (32)Unspecified (16)Accessories (5)RF InterconnectsUnspecified (39)RF Accessories (5)RF Connectors Coaxial Connectors (2)RF Contacts (2)RF Adapters (1)Backplane ConnectorsHard Metric Connectors (13)Housings (10)Specialized (9)Contacts (8)Accessories (5)Card Edge ConnectorsStandard Card Edge Connectors (21)Accessories (7)PCI Express and PCI Connectors (2)Heavy Duty ConnectorsCentronics (23)Lighting ConnectorsUnspecified (11)Contacts (6)Power ConnectorsPower to the Board (8)Heavy Duty Power Connectors (4)power_connectors (2)IC Component SocketsUnspecified (5)Audio Video ConnectorsHDMI Displayport DVI Connectors (4)IO ConnectorsUnspecified (4)TerminalsSpecialized Connectors (2)Unspecified (2)Pin Socket ConnectorsUnspecified (3)MIL Spec / MIL TypeCircular MIL Spec Connectors (1)Wire CableFFC FPC (266)Coaxial Cables (12)Cable Assemblies (7)Fiber Optic (1)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (151)OtherMiscellaneous (1)
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