eaton product overview

Circuit ProtectionElectrical, Specialty Fuses (6885)Fuses (4026)Fuse Holders (2114)Circuit Breakers Accessories (604)Resettable Fuses PPTC (249)TVS - Mixed Technology (210)Gas Discharge Tubes GDTs Gas Plasma Arrestors (26)ESD Suppressors TVS Diodes (1)Thermal Cutoffs (1)ConnectorsTerminal BlocksBarrier Terminal Blocks (3977)Pluggable Terminal Blocks (769)Fixed Terminal Blocks (680)Accessories (647)Power Distribution (173)Wire to Board (132)DIN Rail Terminal Blocks (112)Adapters (20)Unspecified (9)Specialized (1)TerminalsStrips and Turret Boards (29)Specialized Connectors (28)Unspecified (12)Power ConnectorsInlets, Outlets and Modules (15)AC Power Plugs Receptacles (11)Audio Video ConnectorsPhone Connectors (8)Rectangular ConnectorsHousings (6)Accessories (2)Unspecified Connectors (2)adapters (2)Card Edge ConnectorsStandard Card Edge Connectors (2)Headers Wire HousingsHousings (2)Passive ComponentsInductors Chokes Coils (4)Fixed Inductors (3137)Arrays, Signal Transformers (374)Common Mode Chokes Filters (48)Coupled Inductors (2)Capacitors (3)Supercapacitors Ultracapacitors (190)Ceramic Capacitors (2)Varistors (142)EMI Filters EMI Suppression (7)Frequency Control Timing Devices (1)Potentiometers Trimmers Rheostats (1)ElectromechanicalSwitches (628)Circuit Breakers (317)Hardware (13)Industrial Automation (1)Motors Drives (1)Printers (1)PowerTransformers (178)Arrays, Signal Transformers (1)Battery Chargers (6)OtherMiscellaneous (116)FiltersCommon Mode Chokes (51)KitsCircuit Protection Kits - Fuse (27)Capacitor Kits (4)Accessories (2)OptoelectronicsLED Lighting (3)LED Emitters (2)Backlighting Components (1)LED Indication (1)EnclosuresEnclosures Boxes Cases (5)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (4)Battery ProductsAccessories (3)Labels, Signs, Barriers, IdentificationLockouts, Padlocks (3)SemiconductorsDiscrete SemiconductorsDiodes Rectifiers (3)Wire CableWire Protection Management (3)Sensors, TransducersSpecialized Sensors (1)Strain Gauges (1)Computers, Office - Components, AccessoriesAccessories (1)RF/IF and RFIDRF Accessories (1)Test MeasurementTest Equipment Accessories (1)Test and MeasurementEquipment - Specialty (1)
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