bourns product overview

Passive ComponentsResistors (1987)Resistor Networks, Arrays (9472)Variable Resistors (8830)SMD Resistors / Chip Resistors (4760)Through Hole Resistors (2156)Film Resistors (1189)Wirewound Resistors (347)Current Sense Resistors (121)Resistor Networks & Arrays (41)Accessories (3)Resistor Kits (1)Inductors Chokes Coils (9)Fixed Inductors (10917)Arrays, Signal Transformers (277)Common Mode Chokes Filters (194)Inductor Kits Accessories (30)Adjustable Inductors (21)Coupled Inductors (5)Variable Inductors (2)Potentiometers Trimmers Rheostats (2083)Encoders (784)Varistors (301)Ferrites (172)EMI Filters EMI Suppression (140)CapacitorsCeramic Capacitors (39)SemiconductorsDiscrete SemiconductorsDiodes Rectifiers (2611)Transistors (248)Thyristors (206)Circuit ProtectionGas Discharge Tubes GDTs Gas Plasma Arrestors (1328)Resettable Fuses PPTC (690)Fuses (322)ESD Suppressors TVS Diodes (109)Surge Suppressors (94)TVS - Mixed Technology (18)LED Protection Devices (8)Electrical, Specialty Fuses (3)SensorsMotion Position Sensors (513)Temperature Sensors (38)Pressure Sensors (11)KitsCircuit Protection - Assortment Kits (68)Potentiometer Kits (55)Circuit Protection Kits - Fuse (18)Resistor Kits (8)Circuit Protection Kits - TVS Diodes (5)Connector Kits (3)Discrete Assortment Kits (3)EMI, Filter Kits (3)Sensor Kits (3)Miscellaneous (2)Switch Kits (1)Transformer Kits (1)PowerTransformers (169)FiltersCommon Mode Chokes (112)RF/IF and RFIDBalun (83)RF Accessories (12)ConnectorsRectangular ConnectorsSpring Loaded (84)ElectromechanicalSwitches (64)Knobs Dials (17)Line Protection, Distribution, BackupsPower Distribution, Surge Protectors (40)Accessories (4)Sensors, TransducersAccessories (12)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (6)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (6)OptoelectronicsDisplays (1)OtherMiscellaneous (1)Test MeasurementTest Equipment Accessories (1)
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