AVX is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components, including: capacitors, inductors, filters, resistors, couplers, diodes, and circuit protection devices, as well as a broad range of innovative sensor, control, interconnect and antenna solutions. With 29 research, design, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in 16 countries around the world, AVX offers significant competitive advantages, including delivery and production capabilities optimized to suit each individual customer’s just-in-time inventory requirements, and global engineering teams experienced in developing new-to-market product solutions especially designed to fulfill customer’s unique application requirements. AVX has successfully served the automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets for nearly 50 years. In the automotive sector, AVX actively contributes to the development of new safety, engine control, infotainment, and chassis control technologies.

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avx product overview

Passive ComponentsCapacitors (547)Ceramic Capacitors (70906)Tantalum Capacitors (41119)Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (25001)Thin Film Capacitors (2990)Film Capacitors (1688)Tantalum Polymer Capacitors (717)Capacitor Networks, Arrays (406)Aluminum Polymer Capacitors (403)Supercapacitors, Ultracapacitors (301)Feed Through Capacitors (86)Capacitor Kits (46)Niobium Oxide Capacitors (12)Capacitor Hardware (5)Varistors (814)Diodes Rectifiers (1)Signal Conditioning (810)Inductors Chokes Coils (5)Fixed Inductors (707)Inductor Kits Accessories (2)Thermistors NTC (239)ResistorsThick Film Resistors (144)Thin Film Resistors (35)Resistor Networks & Arrays (2)Planar Resistors (1)Uncategorized Resistors (1)Frequency Control Timing Devices (33)Oscillators (61)Antennas (16)RF Antennas (51)EMI Filters / EMI SuppressionSignal Conditioning (57)EMI Filter Circuits (2)Thermistors PTC (6)ConnectorsBackplane ConnectorsDIN 41612 Connectors (669)Rack Panel Connectors (54)Hard Metric Connectors (49)Contacts (38)Accessories (32)Housings (11)Specialized (1)Board to Board Mezzanine ConnectorsBoard In, Direct Wire to Board (100)Unspecified (83)Arrays and Edge Type (21)Lighting ConnectorsContacts (72)Unspecified (67)Accessories (42)Rectangular ConnectorsFree Hanging Panel Mount (70)Spring Loaded (64)Accessories (19)Housings (2)contacts (1)Headers Wire HousingsHousings (45)Free Hanging Panel Mount (4)Male Pins (4)Receptacles and Female Sockets (3)Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Connectors (23)Accessories (3)Unspecified Connectors (14)spring_loaded_and_pressure (4)Card Edge ConnectorsStandard Card Edge Connectors (14)Terminal BlocksWire to Board (7)RF InterconnectsUnspecified (3)TerminalsUnspecified (3)IO ConnectorsUnspecified (2)Circuit ProtectionFuses (98)Thermistors (63)SemiconductorsDiscrete SemiconductorsDiodes Rectifiers (82)KitsCapacitor Kits (70)Connector Kits (1)EMI, Filter Kits (1)RF/IF and RFIDRF Diplexers (30)RF Directional Coupler (19)RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards (16)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (29)Memory Data Storage (12)FiltersFeed Through Capacitors (14)Thermal ManagementHeat Sinks (8)Wire CableCoaxial Cables (3)Sensors, TransducersShock Sensors (2)EnclosuresRacks Cabinets (1)
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