Advanced Linear Devices Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures precision CMOS analog integrated circuits for OEMs in a broad spectrum of industries, including industrial control, computer, instrumentation, automotive, and telecom. Products that ALD offers include: ultra-low VOS @ ultra low input bias rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers, ultra-low charge injection low voltage analog switches, precision CMOS voltage comparators with high output current drivers, ultra low signal power EPAD voltage comparators, low drift CMOS timers with high discharge output, precision matched pair small signal N-channel or P-channel MOSFET arrays and EPAD® MOSFETs. And now introducing our Supercap/Ultracap Auto-Balancing MOSFETS. ALD also offers dual slope integrating analog processors, digital voltmeter chipsets, and a line of ±5½ digit DVM (digital voltmeter) boards. Many products incorporate EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Devices) technology for in-circuit trimming of offset and threshold voltages.

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