Carrying more power to more people with lighter power lines. Helping manufacturers make more with less through leaner processes. Automating health care data so the right people get the right information to take action. These are some of the ways we’re working to support stronger communities and sustainable development across the globe. We see the world's challenges clearly, and unite the people that dare to solve them. We innovate with purpose and use science every day to create real impact in every life around the world.

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3m product overview

Tapes, Adhesives, MaterialsTape (25367)Glue, Adhesives, Applicators (865)Films (154)Tape Dispensers (55)Accessories (50)ConnectorsHeaders Wire HousingsMale Pins (6232)Housings (2580)Receptacles and Female Sockets (1603)Board to Board Mezzanine ConnectorsSpacers and Stackers (3793)Arrays and Edge Type (659)Board In, Direct Wire to Board (69)Unspecified (28)TerminalsRing Connectors (579)Unspecified (565)Spade Connectors (510)Wire Splice Connectors (316)Quick Connect/Disconnect (277)Barrel/Bullet Connectors (46)Rectangular Connectors (44)Adapters (15)Accessories (6)Screw Connectors (1)Backplane ConnectorsDIN 41612 Connectors (968)Specialized (738)Hard Metric Connectors (442)Housings (44)Accessories (28)High Speed Modular Connectors (6)Rectangular ConnectorsFree Hanging Panel Mount (1180)Accessories (235)Adapters (4)contacts (2)Housings (1)Heavy Duty ConnectorsCentronics (435)D Sub ConnectorsBackshells and Hoods (154)Unspecified (102)Accessories (73)Tools and Hardware (17)Standard Connectors (15)MicroD Connectors (8)High Density Connectors (1)IC Component SocketsUnspecified (299)Adapters (50)Accessories (5)Memory ConnectorsMemory Card Connectors (185)Accessories (2)Unspecified Connectors (96)inserts (15)faceplates_frames (2)Card Edge ConnectorsStandard Card Edge Connectors (56)Accessories (10)Fiber Optic ConnectorsUnspecified (34)Adapters (28)Accessories (4)Pin Socket ConnectorsWire Connectors (33)USB, DVI, HDMI ConnectorsUnspecified (17)Accessories (1)Modular and Ethernet ConnectorsAccessories (7)Wiring Blocks (4)Plugs (1)Circular ConnectorsAccessories (4)Unspecified (4)Power ConnectorsPower to the Board (3)IO ConnectorsUnspecified (2)Embedded SolutionsEngineering Tools (7834)Wire CableWire Protection Management (2785)Flat Cables (2176)Cable Assemblies (1336)Multi Conductor Paired Cables (167)Fiber Optic (139)Hook up Wire (4)ElectromechanicalHardware (1700)Industrial Automation (717)Switches (181)Motors Drives (3)Printers (3)RF/IF and RFIDRFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials (1841)RFID Transponders, Tags (3)RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards (2)RFID Reader Modules (1)Thermal ManagementThermal Interface Products (702)Fans Blowers (68)Heat Sinks (17)Labels, Signs, Barriers, IdentificationLabels, Labeling - Preprinted (521)Labels, Labeling - Blank (56)Lockouts, Padlocks (40)OptoelectronicsDisplays (284)Backlighting Components (150)LED Lighting (8)Display Bezels, Lenses (4)Fiber Optics (1)Computers, Office - Components, AccessoriesPrivacy Filters, Screen Protectors (193)Accessories (84)Cameras, Projectors (4)Test and MeasurementTest Clips - IC (106)Equipment - Specialty (70)Test Clips - Grabbers, Hooks (33)Test Leads - Jumper, Specialty (10)Test Leads - Banana, Meter Interface (1)EnclosuresEnclosures Boxes Cases (98)Racks Cabinets (4)KitsHeat Shrink Tubing Kits (45)Tape Kits (21)Wire and Cable Tie Kits (10)Fiber Optic Kits (7)Connector Kits (3)Hardware Kits (2)Miscellaneous (1)Static Control Kit (1)Prototyping, Fabrication ProductsSolderless Breadboards (31)Accessories (21)Jumper Wire (17)Prototype Boards Unperforated (6)Coating, Grease, Repair (1)OtherMiscellaneous (49)Test MeasurementTest Equipment Accessories (24)Environmental Test Equipment (12)Thermal Imagers (7)Passive ComponentsEMI Filters EMI Suppression (36)Frequency Control Timing Devices (4)Thermistors NTC (2)Boxes, Enclosures, RacksPatchbay, Jack Panel Accessories (18)Patchbay, Jack Panels (3)Static Control, ESD, Clean Room ProductsAccessories (7)Clean Room Treatments, Cleaners, Wipes (6)Static Control Grounding Cords, Straps (4)Fans, Thermal ManagementThermal - Adhesives, Epoxies, Greases, Pastes (8)Development Boards, Kits, ProgrammersEvaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits (4)Evaluation Boards - Expansion Boards, Daughter Cards (1)Soldering, Desoldering, Rework ProductsDispensers, Dispenser Tips (2)Accessories (1)Flux, Flux Remover (1)Circuit ProtectionFuse Holders (2)Electrical, Specialty Fuses (1)Optical Inspection EquipmentMicroscopes (2)Accessories (1)Computers Office - Components, AccessoriesAccessories (1)
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