Adding multi-objective options to similar product search

With SourcingBot you can now retrieve similar products in passive components that differ in matching reason. After consulting with dozens of engineers we found and calculated for Inductors, Coils, Resistors and Capacitors matching according to different design constraints or characteristics.
Focusing not only on direct fits but similar products that take into account variations like smaller casings, higher tolerances, maintain performance under higher voltages or AEC-Q200 qualification requirements for the automotive industry. And even minimal resistance or largest current rates focused for inductors and other relevant points of views are available.
The death of the B2B salesperson was declared almost 5 years ago, this is of course true for many industries. But tell that story to hundreds of Vishay, TDK, Murata field application engineers going around IC houses and PCB manufacturers validating and matching performance with design constraints.
The electronic component industry still relies on highly trained and educated engineers to find and fit even the most commodity parts such as coils, power inductors, resistors and capacitors. In order to conduct a specific board match. Part manufacturers take more and more responsibility on performance and quality in order to win large PCBA contracts. Making liability the name of the game in the last few years of strategic contracts manufacturing.
Tier 1 passive components FAEs are expected to be on the ground and take design decisions. Those decisions take into account the very thought of the design and product requirements developed by business requirements. Each decision is crucial, making cross referencing rely on supplier assessment but also on design constraints that are harder to imitate for example if you compare that to buying a laptop or smartphone. CAD software providers like Cadence, Allegro and others have to rely only on datasheet data quality as well as inconsistent lab environments, making cross referencing a costly, time consuming process.
But in the days of AI and heavy processing capabilities, technical platforms are expected to replace product requirements and provide engineers a point of view on part sourcing. This is what we do at SourcingBot, we are aware an engineer on a mission knows what he looks for.
SourcingBot multi-objective cross referencing was rolled out in May 2020 on passive components like resistors, capacitors, coils and magnetics. It delivers highly accurate cross referencing taking into account multiple constraints, and adjusting matches according to design constraint. Not only direct fit, but actually dynamic size and of course performance related cross referencing.
Some of the user stories we got sound like that, A company is redesigning a product to fit inside of a smaller housing. Sourcingbot can help the engineer quickly find a part with similar characteristics with a smaller height or footprint.
The prototype of a DC/DC converter is not meeting efficiency specifications. Sourcingbot can show similar inductors with a smaller DC resistance that maintain other crucial technical specifications while setting the suggested constraint
The requirements for a product change, and the input voltage range is increased. We can quickly find multiple higher voltage replacements for all input capacitors.
SourcingBot is the only platform that can do cross brand part comparison, relying on lab measurements, machine learning and algorithms at operating point comparison that is truly matching engineering knowledge.
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