Blazing fast electronic part search Engine, built by Engineers for Engineers.

What we do.

SourcingBot builds the 1st electronic component database that is truly comparable. We are committed to delivering a robust data source for Engineers that will empower Alternative parts (2nd sources) allocation faster. Find the right part with the right lead time and at the right price faster than ever!

The challenge we face.

Material costs for OEM in the electronic manufacturing businss is over 60% of Operational costs. it is a known fact that material costs is the source for costs saving.

This is what we are all about:

  • Part EOL support
  • Supplier exposure risk
  • Validated replacement at hand
  • Market trends & seasonality

Core online solutions

  • Electronic Part Search

  • Cross Reference Database

  • BOM Risk & Cost Optimization

Our services

  • Continuous supplier recognition

    Have a complete picture on suppliermarket & market trends.

  • Integrate with existing solutions

    Integrate with existing procurement and bill of materials, part libraries, etc.

  • Allocate part seasonality trends

    Make predictions on when is the best time to pursue sourcing.

  • Ongoing price quotes

    Follow part market availability and seasonality to buy the right part at the right time.

  • Part EOL alerts and replacements

    We will notify you ahead of timeabout EOL and suggest alternative in real time.

  • Corporate level security standards

    We at SourcingBot maintain highest standards of data protection.

Reach Us

  • Component Manufacturers / Distributors

    Join us to market your parts and get them to market faster, allocatenew OEMs clients.

  • OEM

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